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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Birthday Full of Miracles!

A birthday full of miracles!

Wow, Sunday was incredible. I will remember this birthday for the rest of my life.

It actually started Friday, when Jonah accepted a baptism date for January 25th! He came to church Sunday, and church was incredible. Tyson, our assistant ward mission leader taught gospel principles, and it was an amazing lesson. We had three investigators there and it was perfect for all of them. After church we had a lesson with Jonah and Tyson talking about the things we learned at church and answering Jonah's awesome questions. It was a super great lesson. Towards the end of the lesson Jonah brought up his baptism date for January 25th, and at first we were worried he thought he wouldn't be ready. But then he said this"hey so about my baptism goal for the 25th,... I was wondering if there would be any way we could do it before Elder Turnbow goes home?" We all sat there in silence, shocked. I was taken back and probably about fell out of my chair! Finally we put ourselves together and told him that we would do our best to make it happen! Remember this is only our third lesson with him, and he's come to church twice. We told him we would have to meet everyday this week, and he had a lot to learn. He had the attitude of bring it on! We originally set his date for the 25th because his girlfriend doesn't get back from break until like the 15, but again when we brought that up he just wanted to move forward!

Pause on Jonah for a second.

Sunday afternoon we drove up to Espanola and picked up Elder Vials new companion and the new assistant Elder Taylor! He's who we kinda thought it would be, and he is amazing. He's been a zone leader for a while and I have done many exchanges with him, he is one of my favorites. 

The great NMAN new AP Elder Taylor! We are on top of the Sandia mountain overlooking the mission and talking about all of the new responsibilities and how great the calling is. It's a really neat tradition that Elder Ballif and I started. 
We got back from Espanola and went to the mission home for dinner with President and Sister Miller. This is where another Birthday miracle happened! We sat down at the big fancy table and Sister Miller started bringing in the food, take note that I have not told anybody that it was my birthday except Elder Vial knew it was... Anyway, in comes the food, and it was everything that we would have back home on a Sunday! I was so excited!!! That's when President and Sister Miller said "Happy Birthday!" And Sister Miller adde,d "We have a chocolate cake every Sunday! :)  that's when I knew something was up, and sure enough, she had called you, Mom! Haha-- honestly it's one of the nicest things somebody has ever done for me on my birthday. It was delicious! 

Jonah continued... Monday we taught him the Word of Wisdom and a few other things. Wow. He ceases to amaze us! No concerns with anything, and he committed to live it on the spot. I wish you could all be a fly on the wall and sit in on these lessons, he is the one that makes them so good. A quote from him during the lesson "At first I thought I had to read all of the Book of Mormon and Bible before I would be ready for baptism, and now I feel like baptism would help me with that, and I feel like baptism is more of the starting line." 

Two days ago if you would have told me we would have a baptism my last Saturday in the mission I might have called you crazy, but now it is very possible that it will happen! Now if that's not humbling I don't know what is. Con Dios todo es posible! 

Transfer planning is going well! We are insanely busy this week because we have MLC on Thursday too! Whoo! 

Love you all! Have an awesome week!

Elder Turnbow 

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